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Wildfang lesbian

is the owner of 8,000 button-ups causing all of are usually Hawaiin printing. Even so they have some with hearts and feathers on them, as well. Wildfang lesbians resemble

extravagant butches

. They love an effective bend tie and wingtip shoe. They have actually had their unique footwear shined before. They probably likewise have a sleeve of tattoos and a septum piercing, although that is not called for.

A Wildfang lesbian is actually a lesbian the master of 8,000 button-ups and all of are usually Hawaiian printing. They also probably have a sleeve and a septum piercing, but that is not required.

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“Wildfang” is exactly what your own


girlfriend kinds inside look bar before the woman best friend’s wedding ceremony so she can discover you on a clean shirt to choose the same dress shorts you have been wearing since high-school. Its like if Willy Wonka instantly chose to go into official use for lesbians. Trying to find a three-piece fit covered in cheetahs ingesting ice-cream? Wildfanghas got you covered. A palm frond-and-hot-dog-covered cummerbund? They probably have that, also!

That happen to be Wildfang lesbians?

A Wildfang lesbian is commonly a lot more of a




, or

smooth butch

-leaning lesbian. They love a beneficial collared top and periodically some neckband jewelry to spruce situations right up! They switch in the possibility to end up being a person’s plus-one, merely so they are able outfit like an enjoyable, animal-loving lesbian magician. They tend to-be fantastic dancers, drinkers, and conversationalists — which exercise because their unique clothing may cause many unsolicited discussion.