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What is Cloud Testing: An Overview of Example & Benefits

He currently works as the ‘Lead Developer Evangelist’ and ‘Senior Manager [Technical Content Marketing]’ at LambdaTest. Both the tests should execute in parallel, i.e. the number of concurrent sessions on the LambdaTest server should be 2/2 in this case. Depending on the testing requirements, you should choose the appropriate pricing plan. Lite, Live, Web & Mobile Browser Automation, Web Automation are the available plans on LambdaTest.

  • By the end of this tutorial on Selenium automation testing, you will be in a better position to run Selenium tests on local Selenium Grid and cloud Selenium Grid.
  • The first two APIs lets you save the screen of the current window in a .png file.
  • Testers can record their actions on the web application, then playback when required.
  • There are many predefined frameworks in Selenium like JUnit, TestNG, NUnit, etc.

However, setting up and maintaining an in-house Selenium grid can be quite challenging, even for organizations. This is especially true when the grid has to support different combinations of browsers, devices and operating systems. Naturally, moving automated tests on a Selenium cloud lets testers get more done with much less work.

Mobile App Testing

Online application vendors carry out this testing to ensure the performance and functionality of cloud-based services. When applications are linked to legacy systems, the connection between the legacy system and the under-test cloud application is validated. Nowadays, many businesses are moving to a more modernized and latest version of test automation, cloud-based automation testing.

cloud testing selenium

The WebDriver provides many locator methods to make locator expressions. Each of these methods corresponds to a particular locator type and value. The respective locator types and values are subsequently utilized in searching for the specific HTML elements. To interact with the web page, it is important to locate the HTML elements on it.

Setting up your own test automation environment

It eliminates any need for creating and maintaining in-house device labs or personal Selenium Grids. Test your native, hybrid or web mobile apps online on a Appium grid based mobile testing cloud that scales with a click. It would require a significant investment to set up a local infrastructure on which testing can be performed. As you’ll need powerful machines with different combinations of operating systems and versions of web browsers (e.g., Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.) installed on them. There is a fairly slim chance that you can cover all the corner test-cases with automation testing on local machines. Unlike Selenium RC, WebDriver does not require a core engine like RC and interacts natively with the browser applications.

Selenium Grid refers to a software testing setup that enables QAs to perform parallel tests across multiple browsers and devices with unique operating systems. It is essentially a setup that makes the entire functionality of a Selenium Grid directly accessible using cloud-based servers. Cloud testing in QA involves conducting software quality verification using a cloud-based infrastructure. It enables QA teams to access a wide range of real devices (desktop and mobile) hosted on cloud servers for testing websites and applications. These devices are available online at all times, allowing for efficient and comprehensive testing. Today’s software applications are mostly web-based and with the cloud infrastructure, it is gaining prominence.

Next-Gen App & Browser Testing Cloud

This is especially helpful as it functions as an additional recording in most cases. Due to the wide variations within the recording technique, the initial section does away with the recording. Though web applications need to be tested on a large scale, it takes a lot of effort to do the same. Emphasis on different vantage points has to be considered while testing the same, and therefore, testing is even more critical. Considering the alternatives and the aim of browser compatibility, there can be innumerable ways to achieve the said targets. You can also navigate to the LambdaTest Analytics Dashboard to see the Test Overview, Test Trends, and Resource Utilization.

cloud testing selenium

Responsive testing of a locally hosted website is the crux of successful online business. Developers prefer to test a website or web application cloud testing selenium locally before it goes live. It ensures that the website’s content is rendered according to the device used to access it.

Selenium Testing

In this article, we will teach you how to install your own automation environment and run your own tests using Selenium/WebDriver and a testing library such as selenium-webdriver for Node. We will also look at how to integrate your local testing environment with commercial tools like the ones discussed in the previous article. BlazeMeter is a continuous testing platform that can test the load and performance of websites, mobile apps, APIs, and software.

WebDriver will then wait for 2 seconds; the document title is then accessed, and if it is “webdriver – Google Search”, we will return a message to claim the test is passed. Existing customers are given a short notice period of (1-2 weeks) about upgrades from cloud providers. This is a significant issue when manually validating changes to your SaaS application. And, if your company is rapidly expanding, the cost of provisioning new servers to meet ever-increasing testing requirements skyrockets. Future-proofing your business is dependent on your employees having the time and energy to think of new ways to provide superior products to your customers.

Find Size Of An Element In A Web Page With Selenium

Along with 3000+ browsers and devices combinations to test we provide you additional features to make sure you give your users a perfect experience. By migrating automated testing to a Selenium Cloud, the software development process becomes notably refined. Make things easier for the entire testing lifecycle by choosing a platform that is designed for developers. Deliver quality software with ease, and within competitive deadlines. Serial testing is a practice of executing tests serially, i.e. tests are executed one after another.

cloud testing selenium

In VSDDF, all the test cases will reside in the external layer and call the function from Application Function Layer and it will invoke the framework layer function. This framework is excel based and all test cases and test data will reside in a single excel file which makes this framework easier to manage. The user can choose test cases that they want to execute from Excel file and can provide their test data into this excel.


From a developer’s vantage point, the focus is on improving the feature set, speeding up the overall performance, and building a scalable product. As far as QA is concerned, a lot of focus is on usability testing and compatibility testing while testing a website or web application. Selenium is a tool to drive and verify behavior of web-applications, it should not matter where they are hosted. If you can reach the webserver running the application it can be local or hosted in the cloud, the application should behave the same. If you want to Execute your script on Firefox 24 which is Not Available to you. Yet the client is asking you to execute the selenium test cases in different Browser Combinations and different OS Combinations.

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