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Lessons from a Tech Lead: Roles, responsibilities, and words of advice DEV Community

This means your approach for each person must evolve over time. And you should help people progress from each category to the next, trusting them with larger tasks over time. As you have probably guessed there is more to tech leading than that.

Tech leads and coding

Through constant tracking, team leads can assess when to make the proper adjustments. Team leaders should always have ways to mitigate arising problems. One way to do this is to perform risk analysis for possible issues constantly.

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Try to ask questions like “How would you design this part of the system? ” If they are usually not sure, they are still at S2. If they understand edge cases and provide more and more reasonable solutions over time, this is great.

Tech leads and coding

Therefore, one of the most critical tech lead responsibilities is filtering new technologies and focusing solely on valuable tools and promising libraries. It is crucial to have a clear goal for the team and the technology they want to work with. By doing so, tech leaders can concentrate on things that bring them closer to their goal, and everything else can be considered noise.

What Are a Technical Lead’s Responsibilities?

If you think your team needs a good tech lead, there are a few things you can look for to find one. This applies whether you’re looking to hire one from outside the company or promote from within. However, in their day-to-day capacity, a tech lead will employ soft skills like communication and collaboration more often than a hard skill like coding. Generally speaking, a tech lead is someone who’s expected to provide technical leadership for a singular software team. We, at Full Scale, specialize in providing bespoke software development services and solutions. We will help you build a software development team of experts and leaders.

So, if you’re someone who enjoys both the technical and interpersonal aspects of software development, a tech lead may be the job for you. You need to keep learning in order to continue to help your team level up. By setting an example of continuous improvement, you can create a culture of learning. Be sure to share the interesting articles and books you’re reading or the side projects you’re working on. These will provide a wealth of ideas for you to share with your team. Companies with a top-down approach can delegate technical decision-making to developers.

The Tech Lead Job Description

And it opens up a whole new world of possibilities and a new world of software engineering that as a senior engineer, maybe you didn’t even realize was there. They have extraordinary experience in creating software, resulting in an in-depth understanding of the development process, from conception to deployment. Tech leaders know how to collaborate with teams, identify and solve problems, and make strategic decisions to ensure the success of their projects. Additionally, tech leaders must excel with solid communication skills, allowing them to convey complex technical concepts to technical and non-technical stakeholders effectively. At the highest level, a tech lead role encompasses a set of responsibilities that a senior software engineer takes on to lead the technical execution of products or features for their team. They also act as a liaison with other software teams, provide coding mentorship to more junior software engineers, and collaborate with an engineering manager to identify and prioritize technical debt.

Tech leads and coding

Run a project like your own business and actually care about it. I personally enjoy having 3-4hr focus slots at the beginning of the day, but we have our daily standup meetings in the middle of that slot. They immediately kill my focus as we start to discuss different https://www.globalcloudteam.com/ aspects of the project, some problems and blockers that require my attention, and the new surprises that should be communicated up. You still feel very busy and unproductive because you spend less time coding and more time planning and communicating.

This means constantly communicating with them and managing expectations. Establish trusting relationships with your manager. Be the go-to person for important and high profile projects, and actually get them done on time and on budget. Then more projects will follow and you can repeat the process. Sometimes people misinterpret relationships and call them “politics”.

And don’t forget that leadership is about people, so genuinely help people grow and do their best job. When you’re engineering, you can work with a whiteboard or virtual whiteboard to figure out the moving pieces and how they should interact. The tech lead’s role is to focus on engineering and let the team handle the coding details.

  • This collaborative atmosphere enabled us to work together more efficiently, breaking down barriers and encouraging open dialogue.
  • If you put yourself in DND mode for an entire day, you won’t be able to create an environment where people are willing to help each other.
  • And then you can go beyond that either on the technical track, which eventually, which goes to staff principal, distinguished engineers, and all of those people.
  • Yes, you can experiment with the code while you are working on your smaller tech tasks during your focus hours.
  • This statement emphasises the importance of creating a leadership culture within tech companies.
  • Sometimes though, the kindest thing to do is to help someone move on.

Hence, the lead must be able to relay messages clearly and concisely. Just like any other profession, multiple factors come into play when it comes to qualifying for the position. You have to consider the candidate’s educational background, experience, and overall professional skills.

Challenge your team members in a way that encourages them to grow. Do people know how to run the app locally for any given repo? It’s a mistake to try to do everything by yourself. The whole point of having a team is to share the load and to accomplish more together than any one individual could do on their own. If you try to bear that burden alone, you’ll surely burn out. Aside from ensuring that their team uses relevant and appropriate tools, they also assist in auditing the security features.

From upgrading and streamlining business processes to creating awe-inspiring software products, technology is indeed shaping the future of business. If you are always doing code reviews or answering questions from your teammates, you’ll have very little time to write code yourself. Learn to set boundaries and block off time on your calendar for interruption-free hours to focus on your own work. Find ways to make your team more self-reliant, and help them find answers to their own questions.

technical lead developer

Only after all that is done do I start on my own work for the day. I’ll check Slack or do code reviews throughout the rest of the day as well, but only at natural stopping points so as not to interrupt my flow. When new recruits come, it is the team leader’s responsibility to ensure they have everything they need. This includes working stations, equipment, access to resources, and more.

So basically it’s confusing up there, but what you have to do for the team is to have that sense of leadership and kind of almost play act or present a front of certainty. You have to, even if deep inside you’re not sure you’re doing the right thing or you’re not sure about the technical decisions that you’ve made, you kind of just got to go with it and commit to a path. The idea being that you make a plan and you commit to a plan and then when you make these decisions you just hold them in your head. Don’t change your decision or change your entire approach. Don’t say, okay, for that button, you have to go to that file, change it to purple, go there to change it, to change where it shows up.

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